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Were any of the healers of my people to walk among those of yours, or vice versa, I believe the mutual shock would be quite great. I myself am often left in wonder at the objects you utilize, and wish there was a way for my own people to develop such things. Then, even those who have no magicker's gifts might still operate them to the aid of the injured.

Alas, I have poor means to bring such innovations to my people. We lack your hands and fingers, and though we have developed quite dexterous mouths and have strong, nimble bodies, the inability to grasp and manipulate even so simple an object as a pen limits us greatly in that area.

This is no new limitation of course, and one we were previously unaware of until the discovery of both your folk and the previously unknown intelligence of the pans. Unicorns are still an innovative people; we have simply developed means to record our knowledge in spite of our inability to preserve it beyond our own minds. The culture of the unicorns is rich in story, and the performance of Laysongs - storytelling, your folk would call it - has been perfected to a fine art.

All knowledge of the healing arts has been passed down by story and committed to memory by its students. It is the same with battlecraft, knowledge of our world, understanding of our goddess, and the path of history that lies behind us. One beast to another, teacher to child, patient lessons so often retold and ingrained in our very being. There are legendary herbs within our tales - the Milkwood, the Ghostleaf, Roses and others. And there are those herbs with daily importance, soothing aches, easing fever, abating cough and chill and giving strength.

The study of herbs is not the end-all of our craft. It is through these oft-told story lessons that we know how to set broken bones that might have claimed our companions' lives in centuries before. We know how best to treat a myriad of everyday maladies, and these are spread throughout our people - 'common sense,' I think you might call it.

With consideration for that thought - perhaps in a way, my folk and yours are not so different.
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