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Case Name: Stormrider
People: Gryphon
Age: ???
Gender: Male (tercel)

Primary Condition/Major Injuries:
  • Likely broken wing
  • Concussion
  • Muscle strain due to impact?
  • Laceration, right front foot (talon?)

Cause: Probable; not yet confirmed. Gryphon's injuries (I believe) indicate a flight error resulting in a fall from some height. Obvious not too great a height, or he would indeed be dead. I have seen small birds die from falls at a tall tree's distance.

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Were any of the healers of my people to walk among those of yours, or vice versa, I believe the mutual shock would be quite great. I myself am often left in wonder at the objects you utilize, and wish there was a way for my own people to develop such things. Then, even those who have no magicker's gifts might still operate them to the aid of the injured.

Alas, I have poor means to bring such innovations to my people. We lack your hands and fingers, and though we have developed quite dexterous mouths and have strong, nimble bodies, the inability to grasp and manipulate even so simple an object as a pen limits us greatly in that area.

This is no new limitation of course, and one we were previously unaware of until the discovery of both your folk and the previously unknown intelligence of the pans. Unicorns are still an innovative people; we have simply developed means to record our knowledge in spite of our inability to preserve it beyond our own minds. The culture of the unicorns is rich in story, and the performance of Laysongs - storytelling, your folk would call it - has been perfected to a fine art.

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The purpose of this journal is to - besides create a place for me to put my personal thoughts, opinions, theories and discoveries down in a way I otherwise could not - organize my knowledge and thus make it simpler for my students and other healers to search. I wish the Vale held a more satisfactory storage facility beyond the grottos - some place free of moisture, where we could at least dry and store herbs. It is better to have less pungent herbs than to have none at all at a time of need, but there - as yet - is no way to preserve anything but in the annals of our own hearts and minds.

I suppose it is important to note that I, quite honestly, have no proper means to keep a journal. I am doing so only with the help of a dear companion with whom I have been partnered for several years and thus have total trust. She knows these bits and bobs of technology better than I, and is willing to share her time and knowledge, that we may in turn share this ongoing work with those who need it.

A bit about me, then.

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Test Post

Jan. 23rd, 2009 01:05 am
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This  is what you'd call a test post. I'll maunder later. Right now I want the dratted thing to work!

I wonder how many of us have test posts, and how many of us leave them up. Revisiting your first post years and years and years later... quite the thought, isn't it? That decades ago you made the choice to join and create a journal, and didn't know a thing about all the things you know now.

Deep, I did maunder. And on my first post, of all things!

Ah, well. I suppose it'll be interesting come 2020. Or my 400th post. Whatever comes first.


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