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Case Name: Stormrider
People: Gryphon
Age: ???
Gender: Male (tercel)

Primary Condition/Major Injuries:
  • Likely broken wing
  • Concussion
  • Muscle strain due to impact?
  • Laceration, right front foot (talon?)

Cause: Probable; not yet confirmed. Gryphon's injuries (I believe) indicate a flight error resulting in a fall from some height. Obvious not too great a height, or he would indeed be dead. I have seen small birds die from falls at a tall tree's distance.

Broken wing - still in preliminary examination, have yet locate exact position of break and seriousness. Will obviously necessessitate setting, unfamiliar with boneset procedures on winged creatures. Obviously, patient will be grounded for some time.
- Hopefully the break is not near the wing joints in any location. Wind a factor. Wing will need to be bound in folded position, close to body.
- Possible damage to muscle and connective tissue. Muscle will weaken from disuse. Exercise?
- I'll definitely benefit from being able to observe the muscles working the wing up close. I wonder how much muscle is necessary to fly. He is very heavy, too all appearances. I wonder how light his wings are?

Concussion - simple enough. Patient needs to stay quiet and rest without falling asleep for a significant length of time - I would prefer until evening, just to be certain of his condition. Showing signs of confusion, disorientation and dizziness. Complains that his head hurts. The centers of his eyes are uneven. I'm certain he hit his head very hard, I'm concerned about bleeding inside (because that happens, I've seen), but there appears to be no fluid coming from his nose(holes? Beak?) or ears, clear or blood or otherwise. All I can do here is see. I wish I could see inside!

Muscle strain - condition not yet completely known. Will know more once the patient's wing has been treated and concussion subsides. Will make sure there are no external wounds and/or dislocated joints (doesn't appear to be at first glance) in the affected limb, then wait. I hope rest will help improve the condition.

Laceration, right talon - Necessitates packing for now, as I am completely unable to move him to a source of fresh water. Planning to pack with a poultice of Doe's Ear, to be changed regularly, until patient is capable of movement. DO NOT STOP BLEEDING. Wounds that seal without proper cleaning will open again. This is only temporary, but as long as it stays open and the area around it stays only warm to touch, we will be in good stead.

I believe I will need to rely on Stormrider's advice to properly set that broken bone. I have certainly studied birds' wings, both living and deceased, since we first allied with the gryphons. His wings appear to be of the same basic design. But still... will this break render him unable to fly if done wrong? I cannot have that. Surely their race has dealt with such things, wings seem such delicate things, easily broken as foreshanks.

Case Update
I have consulted the gryphon regarding his people's traditional treatment for broken limbs. Noted below is the information he provided:
- Pain treatment not recommended at this point, as his anatomy is so unfamiliar and I need him conscious. If the pain grows too severe to maintain his coherency, I will amend this decision.
- Gryphons respond to willow for treatment of pain
- Tradition treatment for broken wingbones is thus: "A long branch is laid across the top of the wing along the bone, after it is pieced together as nearly as can be. Then the stick is bound to the wing with vines[...] Then the wing is bound to the body with more vines- not too tightly, lest it interfere with breathing."
- This will obviously require aid.


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