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The purpose of this journal is to - besides create a place for me to put my personal thoughts, opinions, theories and discoveries down in a way I otherwise could not - organize my knowledge and thus make it simpler for my students and other healers to search. I wish the Vale held a more satisfactory storage facility beyond the grottos - some place free of moisture, where we could at least dry and store herbs. It is better to have less pungent herbs than to have none at all at a time of need, but there - as yet - is no way to preserve anything but in the annals of our own hearts and minds.

I suppose it is important to note that I, quite honestly, have no proper means to keep a journal. I am doing so only with the help of a dear companion with whom I have been partnered for several years and thus have total trust. She knows these bits and bobs of technology better than I, and is willing to share her time and knowledge, that we may in turn share this ongoing work with those who need it.

A bit about me, then.

My name is Scylla. I am one of those you call a unicorn - rest sure! We call ourselves the very same. I am... ah, how old am I? I would think... perhaps nearing seventeen or eighteen summers, which is the prime of one's life to my kind, and if what I see is to be believed, it is often taken to be the prime of one's life for many of you. My full description beyond that is unnecessary and unimportant. I am small.

I have practiced healers' skills from a young age - I believe I always had a bit of a knack for it. I was the acolyte of a great healer, whom I still deeply admire, although we have neither spoken to nor seen one another since I completed my training. 'Completed my training' sounds a bit too finished; perhaps 'reached the limits of his teaching' is more appropriate. No, I do not think myself more skilled than he - certainly not! It is only that... as a healer, one should never consider one's education complete. We live in a fierce, diverse world, and I believe that even in the twelve hundred years or more of study recorded in the memories passed from teacher to acolyte, we have not yet reached the limits of what can be learned of a unicorn's body. And! I am learning about new people now as well: the gryphons, Who have become our allies. Thus it is sometimes my duty to tend their ills as well. I will benefit in knowledge from meeting and caring for Stormrider and others like him, and therefore my people will benefit.

I am mated, for... oh... nigh on six summers or so, I believe. The date itself is lost upon me... my anniversary is the same as it is for all of my people. I do not count the days behind my Vari and I as a triumph or a record of success, for they are gone, and their sweet memories all that is left me. Instead, I rejoice daily that I still live, and that I have a day to share with my mate, and my children, and my people, and that with Alma's will I shall have the next day, and the next.

I have two children - my oldest, a son, my beloved Vall. He is almost half-grown, and soon will make the journey to the Moon's Mere, if he so chooses. He is not as large as his playmates, and will likely grow no larger than I. I... it is a sadness at times, but still, the sacrifice I made that cost him perhaps his sire's strapping greatness... I would make it again. I wish dear Celeste well. I send my love with her, though I wish still that it had been her mother all these years, and not I, the stranger who nursed her in Dusk's stead. It seems in my darker hours that I am shouting to a stormcloud, indifferent and riding ever away from me.

I have a daughter as well, new! She has been outside my womb for less than a season, but a precocious child she is! I have been whispering to her, what name she will have, but have not as yet chosen one for her. It is not a strange custom among my people - I would prefer to know her better and name her thus, than name her ill at her birth and have her twist to fit it. Vari's people do not seal themselves to one name, and I do think that is an interesting custom, but I feel that it could be quite confusing.

I believe that is all... for now! I certainly plan to return and record more... this is fascinating, and I find I enjoy dictation. I do not often have the opportunity to talk about myself.

Perhaps I shall discuss my newest case in the next entry. How excited I am! Ridiculously so, perhaps, but nonetheless I thoroughly intend to enjoy it.


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